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National Grid seeks views on future of gas

National Grid has launched a project which will look at the future of gas and its transmission networks.

It aims to collect views from gas shippers, power generators, network operators, policy makers and NGOs about the role of gas in ensuring an affordable transition to a low carbon system.

The grid operator’s ‘Future of gas system’ project seeks answers to questions about the role of gas today and in the future, its position towards decarbonising heat, the potential of green gas and innovation and what policies are necessary.

National Grid plans to provide recommendations to government, the regulator and industry by the end of 2017 after a further analysis of the answers collected.

Nicola Shaw, UK Executive Director, said: “We’re in an era of unprecedented change in the energy sector. With the emergence of new technologies like energy storage and heat pumps, we need to consider the role of gas and the gas networks in a low carbon energy future.

“We need to ensure that the existing gas networks and assets help to provide customers’ needs while keeping bills down. We will be inviting views on the future of gas and I encourage people to join the debate.”

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