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Supplier Complaints Handling Worsens

According to industry regulator Ofgem, the way in which energy suppliers handle customer complaints has deteriorated since 2014.

NPower, Scottish Power, and First Utility were named the 3 worst offenders, with SSE, Eon, and EDF faring the best by comparison.

Alarmingly, it transpires that over 40% of complainants whose cases had apparently been “Closed” by the supplier feel that, in their opinion, the matter remains unresolved.

However, official figures appear to suggest that customer complaints have actually halved in the last 2 years.

In response, a spokesperson for Energy UK, the trade association for the UK energy industry representing over 90 suppliers, said: “This is evidence that the industry is going in the right direction, but suppliers are in no way complacent. They continue to do everything they can to bring complaint numbers down”.

We at CEPG pride ourselves on our unparalleled service and proven ability to resolve any issues our clients bring to our attention, using our knowledge, experience, and long-standing relationships with our supply partners to bring any such matters to a satisfactory and timely conclusion. Should you experience any issues or difficulties throughout your supply contract, we will seek to resolve these matters by utilising our account managers within the supply companies to resolve matters directly, cutting out the call centres and proceeding directly to source.

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